My name sounds like "captain" without the t.  I was born in Chicago, but spent a chunk of my childhood with my grandmother in Bangkok.  Once we were back in the US, my family moved around A LOT.  In 3 years, I went to 3 different highschools.  Didn't know it then, but moving constantly really gave me an appreciation for how important it is to feel "at home".  And having to redo my room over and over gave me mad skills when it comes to quickly turning a space into something that felt comfortable, safe and all mine.  So that is what I do for other people.  I got my creds from Harrington Institute of Interior Design back in 2000 and have been designing interiors and decorating ever since.

Interior Design and Decorating might seem like frivolous pretty things on the surface but really its much more than that to me.  Its about the people and how they live their lives everyday.  Its about what works for them, about how they spend their days together, and the memories they make together.  Home should be all about you and the way you live. Comfort and style doesn't have to fight…Perfection is overrated because often the flaws are what make something unique and much more interesting.  There should always be something in the room that you picked out yourself, not just stuff I put in it. Its your space, your home, you get to make the rules…or break them.  My job is to help put it all together.